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DEBYE™ 1000 is a Swiss made multidisciplinary low plasma fluctuation gun. It is based on the F4 gun technology and plasma arc stabilised process using a single cathode and anode separated by a package of floating electrodes. This insure to stabilize the length of the plasma arc and to reduce by a several order of magnitude the plasma power fluctuation.


The control of plasma fluctuation is the fundament to guarantee a precise melting of the powder material which is mainly responsible of the coating properties and of the lifetime of the gun.


DEBYE™ 1000 plasma gun advantages in short:


  • Arc stabilized with low fluctuation plasma gun.
  • Multidisciplinary and universal application.
  • Plasma spray of ceramic, metallic, carbide and composite coatings.
  • Compatible with Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Helium plasma gas.
  • With spray parameter optimisation results at least comparable to multi cathode and/or multi-anode plasma gun.
  • Excellent transfer of electrical power in the plasma jet and reduced electrical power lost in the gun cooling system.
  • Compact and low weight (3 kg) plasma gun.
  • Depending of the spray parameter DEBYE™ 1000 can be operated up 1000 A.

Plasma gas: Ar: 50 SLPM / Hydrogen: 5 SLPM, Current: 500 A
Plasma gas: Ar: 50 SLPM / Hydrogen: 5 SLPM, Current: 500 A

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